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Our paints are compatible with all masonry surfaces including lime-based renders and mortars and are approved for use on listed and heritage buildings. To find out more about the unique nature and versatility of the products available from us, please have a look at our FAQs.

Earles Mineral Paint is a breathable masonry paint, suitable for all masonry surfaces. With an SD Value of less than 0.01, Earles is just as breathable as limewash and is ideal for use where robust, long-lasting, and breathable protection is required, such as in damp conditions, adverse weather areas, and coastal locations.

Supplied as a fine powder without the addition of plastics, polymers, solvents, or VOCs, Earles Mineral Paint is environmentally friendly and safe for use around plants and animals.

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Earles Mineral Paint


With over 70 years of trusted use worldwide, Snowcem Plus masonry paint is a highly breathable weather-resistant mineral paint with an SD Value of less than 0.01.

Safe to use and environmentally friendly, Snowcem Plus is free from polymers, plastics, solvents and other man-made additives.

Supplied as a powder simply mix with water before use, Snowcem Plus consists of a blend of white Portland cement and other natural minerals which combine with the substrate to form a permanent, breathable bond.


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Snowcem Plus Paint


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