Breathable Masonry Paint

Why use a Breathable Masonry Paint?

A breathable paint is the natural choice for all masonry surfaces. 

Standard masonry paints do not allow your walls to breathe, Using plastic polymers, standard masonry paints stick to themselves rather than creating a strong bond to the actual substrate and so form a non-breathable plastic film around the building. 

This impenetrable barrier doesn’t allow moisture trapped in your walls to escape into the air. Stopping the passage of moisture through the paint allows moisture to build up over time and will cause problems due to damp. 

Polymer-based paints are not recommended when a breathable coating is required. For example for application onto substrates such as Lime renders and mortars or application onto a solid wall construction, The solution is to use a breathable paint such as Earles Mineral Paint.

Completely breathable Earles Mineral Paint has been Laboratory tested, and with an SD value of less than 0.01, Earles Mineral Paint can be used on any masonry surface, including lime renders and mortars. 

Earles Mineral Paint will help protect your walls from the worst of the weather while still allowing the substrate to breathe. Earles mineral paint can be used on all masonry surfaces and can even be painted over existing paintwork if required. 

Forming a strong, permanent, breathable bond to the substrate, Earles Mineral Paint won’t peel, flake or blister and will look good for decades.

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