Linseed Oil Gloss

Protect, Conserve, Decorate

10 Good Reasons To Use Linseed Oil Gloss

  1. Easy to Apply: smooth application with no need for primer when applied to bare wood.
  2. Elegant and Authentic: with rich pigmentation and a gorgeous natural gloss sheen.
  3. Breathable: microporous in nature allowing moisture to escape but not ingress.
  4. Protective: nourishes and protects to preserve the integrity of the timber.
  5. Flexible: has the ability to expand and contract naturally with changes in temperature and humidity.
  6. Versatile: suitable for all interior and exterior wood and primed metal.
  7. Easy to Maintain: can be rejuvenated with a coat of pure linseed oil – no need to repaint!
  8. Long Lasting: breathable, durable, flexible and protective, hard wearing and easy to maintain.
  9. Cost Effective: with its protective qualities and extended life cycle linseed oil gloss costs less over time.
  10. Natural and Eco-Friendly: completely free from plastics and toxins, making it safe to use and environmentally kind.

Best wishes and happy painting from all of the team at Northern Paints and Coatings.

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