Paint for Cellars and Basements

Paint which doesn't Peel, Flake or Blister

Paint for Cellars and Basements

Issues with damp in cellars and basements are common due to their position below ground level and lack of ventilation. Many people struggle to find a paint which will stay on cellar walls without peeling, flaking or blistering. With so much conflicting advice available the search for a solution can be a frustrating, costly and time consuming process.

Standard polymer paints are not designed for damp areas and will only exacerbate the problem. They provide a waterproof coating through which moisture can not pass. This trapped moisture will be held behind the paint and the cellar wall will become increasingly damp until the paint is forced off the surface.

Earles Masonry Paint is ideal for cellars and basements. It can be applied directly to damp walls to form a strong, permanent bond with a durable, matt finish. The microporous nature of Earles Masonry Paint means that any moisture present in the wall will be able to permeate through and escape, leaving the surface intact.

In addition and importantly, Earles Masonry Paint is completely natural and VOC free. It does not release any toxic fumes or harmful chemicals, making it entirely safe for use in cellars, basements and poorly ventilated areas both at the point of application and throughout its lifetime.

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