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Paint for Properties That Were Built to Last

Many older properties were built of solid wall construction and with no cavity wall, moisture could accumulate in the fabric of the building. The breathable materials used originally allowed air to circulate freely, providing ventilation which allowed the moisture to escape.

The exterior of heritage buildings was usually natural stone which was pointed with lime mortar. To protect the stone from weathering a coating of lime was often applied either as a render or a wash. This provided an attractive finish and did not compromise the breathability of the building. 

When plastics became mainstream, many houses were coated in polymer paints which, although easy to apply, trap moisture within the walls causing issues with damp and mould to the interior and unsightly blistering and peeling to the exterior.

Earles Mineral Paint is a return to the traditional. Composed of a blend of natural minerals and completely free from polymers and VOC’s, it forms a durable and weatherproof bond to masonry. As breathable as limewash and approved for use on listed buildings, Earles Mineral Paint can be used as an alternative where more robust and long lasting protection is required.

Earles Mineral Paint
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