Paint for Period Properties

Earles Masonry Paint is a return to the traditional

Paint for Period Properties and Listed Buildings

For centuries homes were built with solid wall construction using natural, breathable materials found locally. These traditional methods and materials worked in harmony and helped to keep the building ventilated, allowing air to circulate and moisture to evaporate into the atmosphere.

The exterior of old buildings were commonly pointed with lime mortar. For decoration and protection from weathering a coating of lime was often applied either as a render or a wash. This provided an attractive finish to the exterior and did not compromise the breathability of the building.

In recent decades as technology advanced, craft gave way to convenience and many old houses were coated in a waterproof layer of polymer paint. Moisture which would have previously escaped through a breathable surface is trapped within the wall, causing issues with damp and mould to the interior and unsightly blistering and peeling to the exterior.

Earles Masonry Paint is a return to the traditional. Composed of a blend of natural minerals and completely free from polymers and VOC’s, it forms a durable and weatherproof bond to all masonry surfaces including lime render. With a chalky matt finish in keeping with the charm and character of older properties, Earles Masonry Paint is beautiful, breathable and ideally suited to period properties and listed buildings.

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