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Fillers and Masonry Repair

Toupret products are renowned for achieving excellent results and their range of renders, fillers and treatments are highly recommended for professionals and home renovators alike. If you have a problem in need of masonry repair, it’s likely that Toupret has the solution. 

Our own selection of tried and trusted Toupret products have been specifically chosen to address the issues faced when working on exterior masonry and damp substrates.

Toupret Masonry Repair Filler can be applied to damp or dry exterior masonry surfaces including lime render, bricks and stone. It is weather resistant and shapeable, with no depth limit.

Toupret Skimcoat Filler is perfect for smoothing damaged and rough exterior masonry and render. This breathable filler can be used on new or renovated, unpainted or painted surfaces including breeze blocks, bricks, stone, plaster and lime mortar.

Toupret Anti-Damp Render provides a breathable barrier for damp, porous and untreated masonry making it ideal for basements and garages. It can be used on bare masonry both internally and externally.

Toupret Anti-Damp Treatment is ready mixed for ease of use. Applied by brush or roller, it provides a barrier which blocks localised problem moisture. It can be used both internally and externally.


We only supply products we believe in wholeheartedly. Add to this our fantastic reputation for service and fast, low cost delivery and you can be assured of superior quality products delivered to you without delay.

All of the Toupret products we supply can be overpainted with Earles Masonry Paint, resulting in a breathable, hard wearing and long lasting finish.

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