Why Use Earles Mineral Paint?

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Earles Masonry Paint is Breathable and Weather Resistant

Earles Masonry Paint is composed entirely of minerals and is free from plastics, polymers or chemicals. Once applied it bonds to the substrate, forming a micro-porous coating through which air and water vapour can escape from within the wall and evaporate into the atmosphere. Exceptionally tough and durable, Earles Masonry Paint prevents water ingress and protects your home from even the harshest of weather conditions.

The breathability of a paint can be measured with an SD (Steam Diffusion) test. Earles Masonry Paint has an SD Value of less than 0.01. This makes Earles equally as breathable as Lime Wash and one hundred times more breathable than standard polymer based paints.

Earles Masonry Paint is Compatible with all Masonry Surfaces

Earles Masonry Paint forms a permanent bond to the substrate and can be used with confidence on all masonry surfaces including:

  • Lime Renders
  • Cob
  • Rough Cast and Pebbledash
  • Stonework
  • Cement and Cement Lime Renders
  • Concrete and Light weight Blocks
  • Brickwork
  • Plasterboards
  • Cement fibre boards
  • GRC

Earles Masonry Paint is Approved for Use on Listed Buildings and Period Properties

Many older properties are built of solid wall construction and with no cavity wall, moisture can accumulate in the fabric of the building. Originally, breathable materials such as lime were used which allowed air to circulate and moisture to escape.

When plastics became mainstream, many houses were coated in polymer paints which, although easy to apply, trap moisture within the walls and cause issues with damp and mould to the interior and unsightly blistering and peeling to the exterior.

Highly breathable Earles Masonry Paint is a return to the traditional. It is approved for use on listed buildings and can be used anywhere breathable, robust and long lasting protection is required.

Earles Masonry Paint Product Features

  • High vapour permeability/breathability
  • SD Value of less than 0.01
  • Zero polymer content
  • Suitable for multiple substrates
  • Can be applied over existing masonry paint
  • Can be used internally as well as externally
  • Resists frost and water related damage
  • Can fill rough and open textures
  • Easy mixing and application
  • Grows stronger over time
  • Attractive super matt finish
  • UV resistant
  • Ideal for coastal and marine environments
  • Will not peel, flake or blister
  • Non-toxic and solvent free with no added VOC’s

Earles Masonry Paint is Environmentally Friendly

Earles Masonry Paint has been tested according to IS 15489:2004 and found to contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), heavy metals or hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, phenolic compounds or benzene.

Earles Masonry Paint will never release toxins into the atmosphere or contribute to pollution in our rivers and water courses and can be safely used and disposed of without any harm to the environment or our health.

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