Colour Cards

Our colour cards are completely free of charge and show the entire range of colour shades available in the Earles and Snowcem range. Order yours today and find out more about our unique range of breathable masonry paints.

Sample Pots

Our sample pots are a great way to test out the unique nature of our breathable masonry paints. Supplied in two pots for first and second coat, to be mixed with water just before application. Once applied the paint will cure to the colour of the powder. Each sample comes with two pots of the paint to test.

Colour Tablets

Our colour tablets are ready cured samples of the paint and show the exact colour of the paint as it would look on the wall. These sample tablets are a great way to see the exact colour and finish of the paint without having to paint a sample pot on your wall.

Earles Mineral Paint

Earles Mineral Paint is a breathable masonry paint with an SD Value of less than 0.01 Earles is as breathable as a lime wash and is recommended for use on all masonry surfaces including listed and historic buildings. It excels in areas where robust, long-lasting, breathable protection is required such as damp conditions, adverse weather areas and coastal locations.

Earles Mineral Paint forms a permanent bond to masonry which, combined with its superior breathability, prevents water ingress while allowing moisture within the wall to escape. This is why Earles will never peel, flake or blister.

Supplied as a fine powder, Earles Mineral Paint is completely free from harmful plastics, polymers, solvents or VOC’s. It is environmentally friendly and safe to use around people and animals.

Snowcem Plus


Snowcem Plus Masonry Paint withstands the toughest conditions, and works where acrylic based masonry paints don’t. With its unique formula, Snowcem Plus can be applied directly to damp walls and will not peel, flake or blister. It works on retaining walls and other areas directly exposed to the elements and has been developed to withstand extremes of heat and cold.

With its unique micro-porous formulation Snowcem Plus allows the moisture trapped inside walls to pass through the paint. It is breathable yet still completely weather resistant and will protect your property from the harshest of conditions.

Surface Preparation

We offer a range of quality surface preparation products compatible with masonry surfaces and breathable mineral paint.

Painting Accessories

We offer a range of tried and tested painting accessories recommended for use with mineral masonry paint.

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