Am I using the right type of masonry paint?

Did you know that not all masonry paints are the same?

Not all masonry paints are created equal and with so many to choose from, which is best? If you are in the process of researching the most suitable masonry paint for your particular project, the two main types for consideration are acrylic based and mineral based.

Acylic based masonry paints?

Acrylic masonry paints have been in production since the 1970’s. They are manufactured from plastics and are cheap to produce and quick and easy to apply. If the property you intend to paint has a cavity wall, is previously painted and is in an area well protected from the weather, an acrylic based masonry paint may suit your needs. 

Acrylic based masonry paints work by forming a waterproof film that sits on the surface of the substrate. However, if water is already present in the walls or has been able to penetrate by any means, such as building movement or hairline cracks, moisture will become trapped. 

With no way to escape, this moisture builds up behind the paint and may be drawn into the home resulting in problems associated with damp, or forced out externally, causing the paint to blister and fail.

Acrylic masonry paint peels after time due to exposure to water and weathering:

Acrylic masonry paint causing peeling Acrylic based masonry paint peels after exposure to harsh weather

Mineral based masonry paints?

Mineral based masonry paints have been used for centuries. They soak into the surface of your walls, forming a physical bond which is permanent and highly breathable. This is especially beneficial for exposed external surfaces, as it provides a weather resistant coating that isn’t impacted by building movement, hairline cracks or the freeze thaw cycle.

The extremely low to no levels of toxins found in mineral masonry paints make them equally suited to bare masonry within the home. Earles Masonry Paint excels in damp conditions and is ideal for areas with poor ventilation like basements and cellars where a fume free paint is vital for the health and wellbeing of the occupants.

Mineral masonry paints are safe to use, weather resistant and extremely durable, even in the most extreme of environments.

Lighthouse painted in Earles Masonry Paint – Super White


Breathable Masonry Paint

For any bare masonry surface or for application over lime renders and mortars, a truly breathable masonry paint is essential. Allowing the substrate to breathe is especially important for older and listed properties where the lack of a cavity and solid walls increase the volume of moisture held in the fabric of the building. 

Acrylic masonry paints contain plastics which provide a barrier to moisture. This makes them waterproof and drastically affects their breathability. 

Mineral masonry paints are the most breathable masonry paints available. Their microporous structure allows water vapour from inside to pass through and escape into the atmosphere, whilst protecting the exterior against driving rain and weather.

With a breathable masonry paint, this white country-side cottage has a flawless finish even when exposed to the UK’s harsh weather.

Converted Chapel Painted with Super White Earles Masonry Paint

Converted Chapel Isle of Man

Environmentally Friendly Masonry Paint

For an environmentally friendly masonry paint, mineral based masonry paints with their natural composition, are by far the least harmful to health and the environment. Containing absolutely no polymers, solvents or VOC’s, Earles Masonry Paint is a fantastic choice for the environmentally conscious. Supplied as a fine powder to be mixed with water at the point of use, it is completely non-toxic, fume free and safe to use around plants and animals.

Coloured Masonry Paint

If you are looking for a coloured masonry paint, you can find both acrylic & mineral based options in a range of colours. Acrylic masonry paint can be found in a huge variety of shades, but these do begin to degrade more quickly due to their polymer content. 

In contrast, mineral masonry paints contain natural pigments which are UV fast, weather resistant and extremely durable, meaning they offer longer lasting protection against colour fade in all environments and a like new finish for years to come.

Where to buy masonry paint

With a reputation for excellent customer service and fast, reliable delivery throughout the UK and beyond, Earles Masonry Paint is available to buy here

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