What is Breathable Masonry Paint?

How to Avoid Damp Problems by using a Breathable Masonry Paint

Why Use Breathable Masonry Paint?

Moisture caused by water ingress or condensation from within the home can accumulate in the fabric of the building. If this moisture is not able to escape it can lead to issues associated with damp, resulting in long term problems and extra expense.

A breathable paint is the natural choice for all masonry surfaces. 

Modern masonry paints are polymer based and don’t allow your walls to breathe. The petrochemical-based plastic polymers found in standard modern masonry paints stick to themselves rather than creating a strong bond to the actual substrate and so form a non-breathable plastic film around the building. 

This impenetrable barrier seals in moisture and with no way to escape the walls this moisture can be drawn back into the building, creating damp patches and mould within the home, or can forced out through the exterior paint causing it to fail, blister, peel and flake.

Acrylic based masonry paint peels after exposure to harsh weather   Acrylic masonry paint causing peeling

Polymer-based paints are not recommended when a breathable coating is required. For example for application onto substrates such as lime renders and mortars or application onto a solid wall construction, The solution is to use a breathable paint such as Earles Masonry Paint.

Earles Masonry paint is different. Composed of natural minerals, it is plastic free, vapour permeable and one hundred times more breathable than a standard paint. It works by forming a strong, weatherproof bond to bare masonry. This allows moisture stored within the walls to pass through and evaporate whilst protecting your home from the elements.

With an attractive matt finish, Earles Masonry Paint is tough, durable and extremely long lasting. It can be used with confidence on all masonry surfaces including lime renders and mortars and due to its superior breathability, is suitable for use on listed buildings.

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